Construction Contracting Services

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As Elte Energy, we undertake all the construction activities on behalf of real and legal persons who want to have urban transformation, residential, workplace, commercial and industrial structures, renovation and restoration constructions, and ensure the completion of the project in a quality manner.

Starting from the pre-construction project design phases, we create fast, economical, functional and efficient structures in line with the wishes of the employer. We produce solutions for companies operating in the construction and building sector, such as product selection, project support, technical consultancy, purchasing and logistics.

We complete the work on a turnkey basis to the owner of the project, keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground with activities such as quality assurance, occupational safety and worker health, work schedule, in order to complete the production in the targeted time and cost with production planning and efficient resource use.

Our company, which also operates in the construction sector with a wide range, contributes to the future of the modern world by producing problem-free solutions with quality materials and experienced team.