Basic Construction Materials

Basic Construction Materials

Basic Construction Materials

Materials used to form the foundation of the building include cementitious concrete, fixtures, timber, gravel, sand and natural stones.

Cementitious concrete is formed by combining materials such as water, cement and aggregate (a mixture of materials such as sand, gravel, stone). Because concrete is a durable and strong material, it is frequently used to create structural parts such as foundations.

The fixture usually consists of steel rods or wire mesh and is embedded in the concrete, giving the structure extra durability and strength.

Timber is one of the basic materials used in the construction of wooden structures. Wooden bars and planks are another basic material used in the construction process.

Gravel and sand are aggregate components of concrete and are mixed with cement and water to form concrete.

Natural stones are among the different types of stones used in the construction process. These may include granite, limestone, marble, travertine, basalt and other natural stones. Natural stones are used to provide an aesthetic appearance, especially in architectural designs.

These materials are frequently used to build the foundations of structures and play an important role in the durability and strength of structures.