Coating Materials

Coating Materials

Coating Materials

Coating materials are materials that are used indoors and outdoors and create the aesthetic appearance of buildings. These materials include paint, plaster, marble, granite, ceramic, parquet, laminate, vinyl, carpet and other floor coverings.

Paint is one of the most common finishing materials used to add color to walls. Painting the walls makes the interiors more lively and aesthetic. Paint materials can be of different types, such as water-based, oil-based, latex, acrylic and so on.

Plaster is used to give the walls a smooth surface. This material is created by applying the walls on a foundation consisting primarily of a mixture of cement, lime and sand.

Marble and granite are known as luxury and durable building materials. These materials can be used in different areas such as flooring, countertops and sinks indoors.

Ceramic is a frequently preferred material in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Ceramic tiles are widely used in these areas because they are water resistant and easy to clean.

Parquet is a wooden material and is used on floors. It is preferred to preserve the natural appearance of wooden floors and to add an aesthetic touch to the floors.

Synthetic materials such as laminate and vinyl are also among the materials used for flooring. These materials are often preferred because they are more durable, easy to clean and more economical than natural wood materials.

Carpets are a soft material used as a floor covering. Carpets used in homes, offices, hotels and similar areas provide a safe environment by making the floors non-slip.

Cladding materials are important for creating the aesthetic appearance of structures. Choosing the right material is also important to extend the life of the structures and to make living spaces more comfortable and safe.